From Cupcakes to Traditional Korean Food and Everything in Between


Coconut Shrimp


If you’re looking for another easy game day app, these coconut shrimp will be sure to be a hit plus, it multiplies easily for a crowd. 5.0 from 2 reviews Coconut Shrimp   Save Print Prep time 15 mins Cook time 5 mins Total time 20 mins   Author: The Squishy Monster Serves: 2 Ingredients [...]

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Chicken Wings, Baked Not Fried


Despite never touching a fryer, this method ensures a deep golden brown crunch every time.  My two favorite flavors I like to rotate are my honey sriracha and these mango habanero wings. 5.0 from 4 reviews Chicken Wings, Baked Not Fried   Save Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time 30 mins Total time 40 [...]

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Dumplings 만두 {2 Ways}

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There are certain things that I try not to get when I dine out at an Asian restaurant.  Usually, it’s edamame or dumplings.  Both are so easy to make at home and much cheaper if you do.  I like to make an insane amount of these dumplings and prepare some while freezing the others for [...]

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Pumpkin Dip


At my local market, organic sugar pumpkins were on super sale so I just couldn’t resist.  I took this baby home, gutted and stuffed him {seemingly a horrific fate for him but a delicious one for me}! Pumpkin Dip   Save Print Author: The Squishy Monster Ingredients 8 oz mascarpone cheese 4 tb maple syrup [...]

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Steamed Korean Egg


My love for eggs has been well documented here.  Its versatility never ceases to amaze me.  This steamed egg dish was something my mama would whip up for us when she didn’t want to fuss around in the kitchen but provide us a hearty and satisfying meal.  It can be eaten alone or as we [...]

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Korean Style Meatballs


I know, I know.  Another spicy recipe but before you shake your head at me, realize that there’s juice and honey to mellow out the heat imparted by the gochujang {Korean pepper paste} and if you’re still not crazy about it, you can substitute the gochujang for tomato paste and you’ll still have yourself a [...]

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Skate Fish Sashimi Salad


When we were itty bitty, Mama would put something on your plate and you knew not to gripe or pout and stomp.  You ate it or you didn’t eat.  An array of ruby colored salads would be paraded before us but really, as a kid, it all kind of bled together into one heap and [...]

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Poutine Gravy Cheese Fries {Baked}


One of the yummiest memories I brought back with me from my road trip to Canada were these oh-so-crispy potato planks dripping in a mess of gravy and cheese.  Me and my bestie seated ourselves in some obscure hole-in-the-wall dive and literally dove head first into a colossal basket, a remarkable feat considering we’d just [...]

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Seafood Pancakes Haemul Pajeon 해물파전


When I was little, sometimes we’d have these savory Korean pancakes for breakfast and boy was it difficult to explain to my friends that these were thin and crispy, filled with vegetables or seafood, not the fluffy variety where golden stacks required sticky syrup.  I hope that despite being unconventional, you’ll give these glorious crispy [...]

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Union Square Bar Nuts


I finally felt like a human being today and so today, we reserved the entire day for us. We spent the morning making banchan (side dishes that are perfect for Bibimbap), chopping veggies and making stocks…we shredded down 10 lbs of ox tail for a delicious upcoming soup. We had Indian for lunch (I know, [...]

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