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Dark Chocolate Almond Florentines – Lacey Cookies


If you’ve never had a lace cookie {or Florentines} you’re in for a real treat.  They’re paper thin and light as air, melting in your mouth at first bite, possessing soft toffee-like flavors.  Its classic pairings are with citrus and chocolate, but you can certainly veer off a bit and include a variety of nuts, […]

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Healthy Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast Cookies

  Why not have cookies for breakfast?  I know for me, the thought of enjoying dessert first thing in the morning has always motivated me to get out of the bed without hitting the snooze button for the millionth time.  These breakfast cookies are soft, chewy, and gently sweet, filled with some of my favorite […]

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Maraschino Cherries and White Chocolate Cookies

Maraschino Cherry Chocolate Cookies

Soft and buttery almond scented cookies bursting with maraschino cherries, cut into hearts and drizzled with white chocolate, these are sure to charm your friends and family this Valentine’s day.           5.0 from 4 reviews Maraschino Cherries and White Chocolate Cookies   Save Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time 10 […]

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Hot Cocoa Cookies + Homemade Marshmallows {No Corn Syrup}!

Hot Cocoa Cookies

Have you ever tried a homemade marshmallow?  It wasn’t until college that I had my first taste.  Until then, I was firm on that I disliked this chewy goop, excluding the ones found in a box of lucky charms, of course.  That year could possibly be marked as the marshmallow-insaned year of the comedically gigantic marshmallows, […]

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Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies Soft Cookies

Thick double chocolate cookies that are soft and cakey with a peppermint crackle.  These just scream Christmas to me and while I weighed out my ingredients, folding this into that, I finally allowed myself to fully immerse in the Christmas spirit {as I feel fairly strongly about not allowing Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, to serve […]

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No-Bake Cookie Dough + Truffles

Edible Cookie Dough and Truffles

Happily enough, I get a ton of emails from very young viewers and they express how much they love my easy recipes, most of which are no-bake or only require 2-3 ingredients.  In that spirit, I’ve created super simple no-bake cookie dough truffles that are safe to eat and come together in no time.     […]

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Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

You guys loved my fluffy cinnamon rolls so much that I decided to whip up a bun/cookie hybrid.  Today, I present to you the cinnamon roll cookie.  It’s soft and warm with all the flavors of a cinnamon roll but with half the work and effort.  Can we say win-win?       5.0 from […]

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Pecan Bars

The Best Pecan Pie Bars Recipe

Happy first day of autumn!  I’m celebrating with pecan bars, what about you?  These delectable bites are sticky and gooey with toasted pecans and sit on a buttery and crumbly shortbread crust that make yummy little cookies on their own, too.       5.0 from 5 reviews Pecan Bars   Save Print Prep time […]

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1 Minute Chocolate Chip Cookie for 1

1 Minute Cookie for 1 Easy Recipe How To

I get a ton of requests.  Some random, some weird.  But since school started, I’ve been receiving them from students wondering what they can make in their cramped quarters, often only equipped with a microwave.  I know for me, the biggest cravings I fought were for hot chocolate chip cookies so I decided to share […]

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Coconut Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons Chocolate

There are several reasons I enjoy these cookies.  First, I’m a fan of all coconut products. Then, there’s the fact that they’re slightly crisp on the edges yet soft and chewy in the center. Plus, they’re easy peasy, just using one bowl and come together in no time at all. Try these today because you’re […]

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