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Korean Food

Korean Potatoes 감자조림

Easy Korean Side Dish Potato Gorim

  I’ve expressed my love for the egg several times before but the humble potato comes in a close second.  It’s just so versatile and patient.  Weeks can go by and you won’t hear the potato grumbling to be used up or envious of your attentions elsewhere and when you need it, its applications are […]

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Korean Sweet Stuffed Pancakes 호떡

Korean Sweet Pancakes Hotteok

I have such fond memories of my mama buying these hot off the grill on the streets of Korea.  Korean streets are so lively, hustling and bustling with activity.  All the street vendors vie for your attention and when swirled with the insane aromas of sizzling food, it can have a dizzying affect, but one […]

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Steamed Panda Buns 찐빵

Korean Hopbang Steamed Panda Buns

I grew up eating these puffy buns.  Ours were always stuffed with sweetened red bean.  I didn’t even realize you could have them with anything else!  Of course, I know better now and can highly recommend a variety of fillings ranging from nutella to mozzarella melted into marinara but most importantly in this video, I’ll […]

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Kimchi Pancakes 김치전

Korean Kimchi Pancakes How to Recipe

I love how versatile kimchi is.  As it’s something that’s always in my fridge, I enjoy discovering new and old ways to turn it into something different.  These Korean pancakes aren’t of your fluffy variety.  They’re delicately light and crisp on the edges and ever so slightly chewy and tender in the center with the […]

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Seafood Stir-Fry Korean Style

Korean Easy Stir Fry Seafood Recipe

Moving to the coast has provided me with the most idyllic food-scape as seafood is my favorite food.  Pair that with Korean flavors and a sweet and spicy kick, I’m swooning.  This dish is very reminiscent of the ones my parents used to whip up for us.  You can easily swap the seafood out for […]

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Korean Cream {Birthday} Cake 생크림 케이크

Korean Cream Cake sponge fresh fruit whipped cream

This cake has soft and fluffy layers of cake wrapped in light, airy whipped cream frosting and is then studded with plenty of fresh fruit.  It’s the perfect cake for those who don’t have a huge sweet tooth but want to enjoy a nice dessert.  Aside from my Japanese cotton cheesecake, this also one of […]

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Curry/Basic Korean Curry 카레라이스

Korean Curry

Growing up, we had this often.  So much so that there was a period of my young adult life where I refused to eat it for awhile.  But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become wiser and realize just how delicious this stuff is.  I salivate when I think about how it tastes with kimchi which […]

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Barley Tea 보리차

Korean roasted barley tea

When I was younger, I didn’t understand why we were always drinking roasted barley tea instead of water.  We always had gigantic jugs of it in the fridge and when we’d have supper, we’d often get hot barley tea.  Sometimes, we’d even have rice soaked in barley tea for breakfast and it got to the […]

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Korean Soybean Sprouts Side Dish Recipe 콩나물무침

Korean easy side dish Soybean Sprouts

Growing up, we always had fresh soybean sprouts in the refrigerator.  So commonplace was it that I barely noticed its presence.  I figured it was as typical as the water we drank.  It wasn’t until I got older that I realized the special place that soybean sprouts reserved for the Korean table.  It’s an everyday […]

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Korean BBQ Jerky

Korean beef jerky

I’m perpetually hungry so I always have a snack nearby.  One of my favorites is jerky.  It’s light weight, a great source of protein, and completely delicious.  Lately, I’ve been experimenting with making my own and this Korean bbq flavor is my favorite, hands down. 5.0 from 2 reviews Korean BBQ Jerky   Save Print […]

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