From Cupcakes to Traditional Korean Food and Everything in Between


Nostalgic Bites

I miss Korea.  I haven’t been since I was 16 and boy is the entire experience always stuffed with culinary delights.  Not only does the entire family flock around the kitchen and celebrate with food, my aunties are constantly fussing over you to eat, eat and eat some more.  One of the more memorable moments [...]

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Loving Lately


Pizza wars!  20 local vendors compete for the title of best pizza in town.  My belly was more than happy to be involved. A juicy gouda, bacon, avocado, onion string burger at the new joint down the street. Sushi with J, and a show afterwards…   and another, and another… polishing off the night with [...]

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Loving Lately


My baby brother, David came home this weekend and we were able to finally celebrate his 21st birthday {from last month}.  Better late than never!  He and my other baby brother have birthdays just a single day apart.  Daniel, we all miss and love you so very much!  Cheers to another full and happy year!! [...]

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Loving Lately


I have high hopes that by tonight, I will be completely better though, I think I may have jumped the gun a little this morning feeling much better and diving swiftly into a laundry list of chores.  Here are a few things that kept me sane despite exercising a hermit-esque status these past several days.   The [...]

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TMI Tag {Too Much Information}


This weekend wasn’t too much fun.  Right after I filmed this video {like a couple hours later} I came down with a cold.  Things of comfort: clementines, Korean barley tea, and #PeterPan on t.v. which transported me to being 8 years old and watching it with my baby brother for the thousandth time again versus [...]

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Weekend Bits


I spent the better part of my weekend with my nose buried in a book but think I went a bit too hard on Saturday and felt the sedating after effects all the next day, basking in the sun outside on a blanket, reading some more, hardly any more useful than being able to whisk [...]

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Lies I Tell Myself


I once had a friend who seemed to lie about everything.  Nothing was out of bounds, the small stuff, big stuff and everything in between.  It was really hard to distinguish what was the truth and what was a lie.  Sometimes, elaborate stories could be woven into a Tasmanian blur and would collide in such [...]

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


Eat: Red Velvet Cheesecake Color: Opi’s Pink-ing of You Listen: John Legend & Lindsey Stirling {Even when I lose, I’m winnin’…} Watch:   {Because A., I’m weird and B., it’s touching in a strange way} Make:   The tiniest snow baby of all…because everything shut down the last couple days. #SnOmg #Snowpocalypse Happy Valentine’s [...]

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Loving Lately

5 twd

Sunday morning, I woke up to 10,000 subscribers on my Youtube channel.  Considering that I had to begin from scratch a year ago and leave my old, established channel behind, I feel humbled and grateful.  #1 loving lately?  All of you!! My celebratory German chocolate cupcake     Pad see ew at a new Thai [...]

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Loving Lately

5 ic

As always, the highlight always revolves around food! Breakfast at my new favorite coffee shop + seared scallops with J, taking my parents out for steak, and chocolate cake with a gf. Blackberry/rosemary beignets. Veggie burger and flatbread at our local vegan joint.   Lunch by/with mama…rice, sweet potato noodles, tofu, braised mackerel, and spicy [...]

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